What is White Magic?

November 1, 2017 5 By Julia

What are the powers behind this old and forgotten art?What can we do with white magic spells? Is there any danger in usingit? We read too many questions about spells and witchcraft. Usuallypeople ask the same questions over and over.

Can I bring mylover back with a love spell? Can I find a spellcaster online? Many ofus talk about this subject all the time. But none of us know aboutwhite magic and witchcraft. Here are some important things that youneed to know about white magic. For this reason, we are compiling theanswers that you really need.

•    Magic hasexisted for thousands of years now. Our ancestors were the first onesto worship local animals and the different forest’s spirits, they havecreated rituals to get protection and heal themselves, they did that toget an easier life in a tough environment.

*    White magic uses the purest form ofenergy and good intentions to make things happen.

*   “An it harm none, do what thou wilt” is the Wiccan Rede, this is like amoral code of this neo-pagan religion. This moral code says that youwill not have to use magic to harm the other ones. They can do anythingthey want, except  to harm themselves as well as to anotherperson.

•   The Law of Return says: “All good that a person does to another returnsthree fold in this life; harm is also returned three fold.” The Law ofReturn (a.k.a  The Threefold Law) is a motivation and also areward to those who obey the rules.

•    Nomatter what is the magic discipline that you choose for your goal. Themain component of any ritual and spell is faith.


You can use white magic in several fields. You can get a better relationship with the opposite sex with seduction spells, and powerful love spells. Also, money will flood to your pockets if you can cast a money and wealth spell.

Many experts in Egyptian magic say that the secret behind Cleopatras beauty was undoubtedly a strong spell. Maybe it is not just a coincidence that in the ancient Egypt they had the god Heka. Heka literally means activating the Ka, the soul, it was also the word to define “magic”.

With practice and knowledge, the sky is limit and you can reach anything you want. You can turn problems into opportunities and make your wishes come true.

White Magic is the key to turning desires into realities. You only need certain things:

* Information about the rituals and spells.
    The needed ingredients.
*The faith in the process.

The magician does not manipulate or change things or situations. It is not his function. They work with the energy with the unique intention to transform it, to bring positive results to our lives. 

Now, here come some of the biggest dilemmas that people who practice this discipline have: Do the man has the right to change the circumstances that we have fate? With the use of these spells, he would not be manipulating and breaking the laws which nature imposes on us? When handling these energies for our benefit,  are we harming the rights of others?
What is the secret?

The true answer to all these questions lies in the intention that one has when practicing spells. People who use a spell to act upon the energies must be pure of heart and have good intentions, but many people use them for evil purposes, such as physical or spiritual harm to others.

If you want to start in white magic and witchcraft you have to put the next stuff on mind.

*    You can become a spell caster with persistence and effort.

*    You also can hire a professional spellcaster to guide you if you don’t know how to start.

*    You can cast your own spells with ordinary things that you can get in your home but the stronger spells are made with exotic and sacred ingredients.

*   To become a powerful witch you need effort, but sometimes it is not worth the time, because you can hire na expert to cast a custom made spell for you for a few hundred dollars.

*    There are different “styles”, some of them use potions, another use talismans, and other ones create wands to concentrate energy. Depending on the case and the desired outcome they will pick one or will use a combination of this.

*    The moon is an important factor on spell casting. More specifically the moon phases. It is better to start on new moon to finish on full moon. Some rituals are longer than others, but respecting the magic times is a key factor.

Also, one fundamental aspect of White Magic and especially of the Wiccan religion are the Four Elements of Nature, some experts add to the list one element more, spirit. Some magicians refer the spirit as akasha. The pentagram is the representation of these five points which are symbols of purification in the rituals.

Why sometimes spells fail? 

A spell can fail for various reasons. As we said before, the moon phase is a key aspect, but if you don’t have experience you can make some mistakes beside this. One of the most common mistake is don’t give it time, quality time. If you try to make it fast you will fail, you have to be patient to get positives results.

Also, the spell can fail if you too if you don’t believe that you are able to make it right or don’t believe that the spell will work. You have to master the basics and be confident in yourself, in witchcraft, and life in general, it is the key of success.

Finally, remember one last thing: witches are not necessarily Wiccans. Witchcraft is a practice and an art, while Wicca is a religion that incorporates the concepts of witchcraft and white magic.

Vikings used Runes before casting a spell, the runes told them about their fate and connect them with Odin, the creator of the runes!