Spell Casters Reviews: Rei D’or whitemagicspells.org

August 5, 2019 127 By Julia

Hi folks,

As I told you in a previous post, I am doing my reviews on the online psychic and spell caster industry, today. I have been a consumer for more than 20 years now of these online services, so I know hundreds of psychics, practitioners, fortune tellers, tarot readers, spell casters and big long list of more!

I am going to start with this spell caster who’s spells worked like a charm for me and for my friends who tried the services as well. (I will leave the bad spell casters out for now, and add them when I am done adding the really good ones.)

She is an extroverted artist and also a good spell caster , her name is High-Priestess Rei D’or and her website is https://www.whitemagicspells.org.

When I first met her (online) it was because a friend of mine recommended her. My friend, lets call her Lucy (not her real name for privacy reason), was dumped by her husband after 9 years of a wonderful marriage. When she told me what happened I was really surprised. He, (lets call him Robert), suddenly left her, the house, the kids and went away with another woman he just met a couple of weeks before. We all thought he’d become crazy!!

Lucy decided to consult different psychics and spell casters, and they all told her that the other woman had used black magick on Robert. So that was the reason for his strange behavior! Even though many spells were cast to remove the black magick and make him come back, no spell caster or spell seemed to be powerful enough to break the black magic. It simply seemed impossible!

After weeks of heart ace, crying, begging and almost giving up, she found Rei, and decided to give her a try. One last chance to get her husband back.

At first Rei analyzed her case and agreed with other psychics the other woman was into deep black magick, so the first thing she did was to remove the curse and protect my friend from new attacks. This took several days until Lucy started to feel better and things began to change for the good.

Once she felt positive again, Rei decided it was time to remove any love spell the other woman had cast on Robert and on top of that cast a return spell and a very strong protection spell on Robert. At that time Lucy and I spoke everyday on the phone and she kept me up to date with the difficult situation. About five weeks into Rei’s work, important changes in Robert started to show up: he appeared at the house, with some stupid excuse to see her, she was still very hurt so she didn’t want to. Later on he called her repeatedly until she finally agreed to meet him. This was about a month after the last spell was cast, according to Rei this was a very hard case since the other woman was an expert in dark black magick.

They met in a pub for a coffee and Robert explained he was feeling strange, like something or somebody in his mind ordered him to leave the house. And then for no reason he fell attracted for this woman, he realized he now has no feelings nor desires for that lady. And the most interesting: he wanted to come back with Lucy, he begged for pardon, and explained many times he was feeling strange, like living in a dream when he left.

Rei said that all that had happened to Robert, was because of the spells the woman put on him. But now they were gone for good. Lucy has to cast some protection spells and cleansings now and then to protect her marriage and her house.

For the last 9 years they have been very happy together and they never heard back from that strange evil woman.

So, after these great results I decided to buy some spells from Rei. I started with a spell to cleanse all my negativity and then a love spell.

I used it to try to get in contact with an old boyfriend, that broke up with me years ago, and create true love between us. Rei told me he was single at the moment and that there was a high possibility of success. So I gave her all the needed details like names , DOBs, pics etc and booked my spell to be cast on the full moon of March.

She also said it would work within 28 days 🙂 So, I wasn’t anxious, just forgot about the matter and keept on going with my life. After 3 weeks I really forgot about him and about Rei too, until that day he suddenly requested my friendship on Facebook and started to message me! To make a long story short: He told me about his life, that he was divorced now, he said he had nice memories of us and that he wanted to meet me to go out for movies, theater or just a beer. To which I immediately responded YES to! The story went on and we started a lovely relationship since that day.

I recommended Rei to many friends of mine and everyone of them have wonderful outcomes of their spells! her website is https://www.whitemagicspells.org