It is Alright to Use White Magic for Money?

Money Spells
Meanwhile, black magic marks all things opposite to white. White magic practices are generally intended to make life easier. Moreover, it is therefore conclusive that white magic is the peak of harmony, purity and genuineness in nature.

Since the ancient times, good witches not only practice but do seriously consider white magic as part of the life. Persistently, reality speaks that nature and life should go together to form a strong bond for ultimate well-being.

Even at present, white or good magic spells are very much likely mastered and established as one of the regular amenities of life. Since White magic for money spells turn one difficult situation into an opportunity. Whether it’s on money, health, relationships, personality development, and all other point faculties for making life beautiful, white magic spells are very much useful.

Here is a list of the most powerful white magic spells that are sure to improve the quality of your life:

•    Love Spells. Love spells are always the most popular form of white magic spell. Anybody from whatever walks of life yearn to love and to be loved. Everyone would want to look pleasing in the eyes of those they love. Such kind of ordeal is more than simply manipulating the person in hocus-pocus so that the person is controlled in a robotic state.

Eventually, love spells do not force a person to love you. One should keep in mind that love spells are not intended to the control another person, but rather merely influence his/her perception for the practitioner.

•    Money, fortune and wealth. White magic for money is the second most widely used spells in the world. The best plus of the wealth spells is that they can attract good vibes for more turns of fortune, wealth and health springing in the platter. This kind of belief system is used and lived for by the ancient Chinese school belief called the Feng Shui. Their high regard to wealth spells can be deduced to their highly mercantilist lifestyle.

•    Good luck spells. Good luck spells are nearly the same with the regular we say to peers whenever they venture for a higher opportunity. In the case of the white magic spells, the methods are more specified and regimented.

•    Health and Healing. Health spells are significant spells for those who practice traditional healing methods. Most of the time, the healers would tap into the irreplaceable power of nature for positive energy and organic assimilation of any sickened person’s cells. It is believed in witchcraft that those who are affected by diseases are direct receiver of the dark side’s inflection. Presumably, the person will have to be cleansed, not just physically, but also spiritually to rid him/herself from the forces of evil.

•    Protection spells. Although protection spells are usually the most abused forms of white magic spells, but such magical virtue is proven to never yield to the dark side. That is one guarantee of the good.


White magic for money spells, no matter the form exist to accord life with nature. With nature, life is always genuine. The philosophy behind the concept of white magic goes beyond the earliest human understanding of what is bad and good. Forming the lesser or greater evil through the segregation of spells is only a manifestation of logic. Eventually, goodness and well-being is the primary reality in the world.

But, when higher consciousness started turning about in the mind, the practitioner can use the power to manipulate the forces of the bright side for evil intentions. As vivid as it seems, there is still a lot to explore about the possibilities of the human mind. These possibilities can link potential behaviors in using the white magic spells. In the long run, whether you are using White magic for money or good life, the crux of it all always clings back for the common good, and not just for the self.

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