What is Mind Control White Magic?

white magic mind control
To tell you a few things about how magic is conjured, forces that are seemingly elusive are controlled by a person who is commonly known as a Magician.

The history of Magic clings to one of the oldest laws known to man: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” which ultimately means that magic has a price. Anyone who is adept of controlling unnatural and spiritual forces can conjure a magic spell. There are several instruments that an individual might utilize to manipulate such forces and achieve the result that they want.

Chanting, visualization, candle burning and persistent manifestation of a desire are some required tools helpful to initiate a magic. One particular practice of magic which is the manifestation of desire wherein an individual calls upon supernatural forces to work with his/her  need  to achieve something out of the natural spectrum can be compared to various practices known to us governing the laws of attraction. Most of these practices encourage mind control.

The laws of attraction clearly states that whatever we attract into our lives can happen inevitably  if we are set on it. The thing that distinguishes magic is that it plays with the supernatural.

 In the past, magic was perceived to illuminate the works from dark forces of nature. This notion of magic has evolved through years of digging up on the topic and experimenting about it. Today, it is still known for its mystery; however, a lot of people have toned down in their cynicism about it and are more open to newer possibilities.

There are three commonly known kinds of spells: dark magic spells, mind control white magic spells and love magic spells.  We can clearly identify mind control white magic spells from dark magic spells since they are bound in opposite spectrums. Love magic spells on the other hand typically involves manipulation of individual’s emotions. Let’s identify what exactly are these kinds of magic spells:

Mind Control White Magic enchantments

Generally, white magic spell is a spell which contributes for the good of an individual. These spells are perceived helpful and friendly. White connotes healing and purity which makes it permissible to be used for harmless magic.

Other colors are assigned to other kinds of magic since the birth of a visual spectacle of various forms of media. Red is the magic of destruction and fire; green is the color of life and nature and black, undeniably, is the magic of fear and death. Nevertheless, we should take note that there is no such thing as good or bad magic.

Helpful magic are all under mind control white magic:

•    Healing magic spells. This has conjured for the purpose of healing or curing an individual or any organism.

•   Health magic spells. These spells intended to alleviate sickness if not to completely make someone’s health better.

•   Spiritual Magic Spells. They are used to encourage the spirituality such as summoning of angels and good spirits

•  Wealth Magic Spells. These are to encourage an individual’s material, spiritual and emotional prosperity.

•    Luck Magic Spells. They are responsible in encouraging an individual’s good fortune.

•   Life Magic Spells.They are made toencourage thewell-being of any individual, whether adult or baby.

 Black Magic

Encourages harm to an object or individual. Since the color black is normally related to fear and death this is why people are particularly irked with the unfriendliness of black magic.

•  Immortality. Contradict the finite concept of life. Encourages immortality.

•  Necromancy. Encourages bringing back the dead. This act of disturbs the natural order of things.
•   Demonic Spells. These spells summons demons and satanic beings.

•   Curses and Hexes. These spells intends to harm an object or individual.

•  Love. Love has been widely considered as a positive trait hence it can be generally be considered under “white magic”. However, love on the extremes can be totally another thing. It creates danger and ultimately destruction as it can easily provide warmth and beauty.

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