Love Spells vs. The Reality of Love

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Love is the strongest human emotion from the love of parents, friends up to future spouse. There’s an intense butterfly in the stomach and a tingling sensation that’s penetrating from the brain.

Remember how Romilda Vane had accidentally put the love potion on Ronald Weasley instead of Harry Potter? Well, even though Ron hadn’t personally met this person yet, he knew to himself how in love he is with this mysterious girl. But he was under a spell and it took a lot of counter attack spells to banish it all out.

What about Love?

Love Spells are one of the remedies that people used to get the love of their lives using certain symbols, charms and potions. You can just imagine yourself having a class with Professor Snape on how to make Love Potions – but as he warns his student, Love Potions comes with great danger as well.

There is a song called Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx that a guy would still patiently wait for the love of his life no matter what it takes. That’s too romantic for a guy to be very patient to a girl and that must have been a very special moment.

Love Never Accepts a Defeat

Love spells are used to know the other person’s inner fears and try to remove them in the most positive way. It is used to improve self-esteem so that one can feel as if they were loved. If a person who had low esteem to say “I love you” to his special someone, he would rather settle in using love spells so that it would give them extreme confidence within themselves and maybe giving themselves of having a better chance to have a love life.

The Danger of Spells for Love

There was a documentation that is all about a person who believes in love charms. She had a handsome officemate whom she dreamt of being with for the rest of her life however, the guy seemed to be only at his friendly mode to her, leaving her hopeless that it could lead to something romantic. One day, she went into a love shop and asked the seller the best love potion there is and yes, the seller told her that she had to put the love potion cast with a love spell to the drink of her special someone day by day. As she was learning to follow the instruction of the love seller the days were passing by, she noticed a huge difference on her handsome officemate. He was little by little falling in love with her and together, they stepped into the world of courtship.

One day, the girl had realized that everything is just a one-sided love because she’s the only one who felt love between the both of them. She was guilty, then later on admitted to the guy that he was cast into a love spell. She left the guy and did not continue the spell, and soon enough became broken hearted. She went to the shop again feeling hopeless for herself but the seller told her that love spells are not meant to be true.

It is just a symbol used to get a hopeful chance to get her loved ones. Then, the guy came to her house telling her that he felt he wasn’t spell bound. They gave each other a chance again without using love spells.

If love is so powerful, it will do everything to get your one true love next to you. There are some things that cannot be done with magic spells, compulsion and manipulation. Anyways, love is real. If the person is not for you, then there must be better out there waiting for you.Go

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